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There is a new model for providing obstetrical care that you might need to know about

Obstetrics is the only specialty in medicine where all of the patients will require hospitalization. The chief role of the laborist is to manage the inpatient care of pregnant women. Their other responsibilities include education of the residents and medical students, participating in the multidisciplinary team for patient care, participating in clinical research, and working within the hospital infrastructure so that optimal patient care can be provided for the least cost and maximal patient satisfaction.

What does this mean?

Who is this site for?

Patients, Professionals, Laborists, anyone interested in learning about, sharing information or becoming a Laborist.

Laborist: Hospitalist Model for Obstetrics

The Obstetrical Hospitalist is good for everyone involved in women’s health care. The Laborist will be good for patients, hospitals and doctors. Care will be improved. Safety will be enhanced. Hospital revenue will be better. Malpractice risk will be decreased. Obstetricians struggling in the current environment will once again find joy in delivering the next generation of Americans.